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Bottle Shop Boutique

With our expansive Wine Portfolio, you will find some of the best

wines from around the world and not available from the LCBO.

We also offer private Wine Tastings in the Wine Bar Boutique by reservation ( not all wines are available for tastings ).

All wine orders are weekly and come into the boutique

Thursdays - Fridays.

Delivery is available within 1 hour of Cobourg.

Wine LIST will be


( 10 pages - portfolio )

All Wines are 6 bottle min per wine unless

in stock in the wine bar bottle boutique.

All premium wines that are over $200

are sold by the bottle

( pricing is shown per bottle ).

( pricing below is for 6 bottles - half case ).

There are some bottles sold by full

case of 12 as shown.

If you want to purchase any half cases

( it's an option ask for pricing )

 BEST deals for pricing is shown by the case ( 12 ).

wine portfolio 2.jpg
wine portfolio 3_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 4_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 5_edited.jpg
wine portfolio6_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 7 new_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 8_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 9_edited.jpg
wine portfolio 10_edited.jpg
wine portfolio11_edited.jpg
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